I. Object of the Terms and Conditions of Participation and organizer

  1. These Terms and Conditions of Participation shall govern the terms and conditions for participating in the competition and, where applicable, any required assignment of rights. The competition shall be described on and conducted via the Facebook page of Filmemacher Deutschland ww GmbH & Co. KG.
  2. The competition organizer is Filmemacher Deutschland ww GmbH & Co. KG, Olof-Palme-Straße 15, 60439 Frankfurt am Main, Germany.
  3. By participating in the competition, participants shall be deemed to have accepted these Terms and Conditions of Participation.
  4. The competition is not connected to Facebook in any way whatsoever, nor is it sponsored, supported or organized by Facebook.

II. Eligibility criteria and competition procedure

  1. Anyone who has reached the age of 21 shall be entitled to take part in the competition. Employees of Filmemacher Deutschland ww GmbH & Co. KG and affiliated companies as well as dependants of such employees and their relatives shall not be permitted to take part. Participation using a false identity or the identity of a third person shall not be permitted.
  2. Individuals who are eligible to take part may participate in the competition by „liking“ the competition post (i.e. by clicking on the „Like“ button) and ensuring that the „Like“ remains in tact until the winners have been chosen.
  3. As well as „liking“ the post, artists eligible to take part must also add a comment with an extract of their own film work (portfolio, link etc.).
  4. Once the Terms and Conditions of Participation have been accepted, registration shall be confirmed in writing by email to each participant.
  5. The Filmemacher Deutschland ww GmbH shall select 40 artists from the pool of participants. They will then be requested to submit a short storyboard of their version of the video in writing (by email).
  6. The Filmemacher Deutschland ww GmbH shall select 20 storyboards out of the 40 submitted to be realised in the contest.
  7. The contest participants shall be notified within one week after the deadline on a Facebook comment in a separate post, or otherwise notified and invited by means of the existing contact information; they will then be asked to send an email containing their full and accurate personal information to an email address which will be provided. This information is used to send the prize and verify the requirements for the flight and stay in Abu Dhabi.
  8. The remaining 20 participants shall send a copy of their passport to the organiser of the contest. Participation, travel and stay in Abu Dhabi are binding. In the event of cancellation or non-departure, the participant will be charged compensation for expenses equivalent to the amount of the travel costs.
  9. The films shall be produced on site in Abu Dhabi. The chosen participants shall be invited by Etihad Airways and the Abu Dhabi Tourism Board (DCT) to embark on a 9-day trip. The competition organizer shall cover the cost of air travel, accommodation and basic meals. All other costs must be covered by the participants themselves. Participants shall acknowledge that Filmemacher Deutschland ww GmbH will be taking photos and/or making video recordings and shall also agree to being identifiably featured in such photos and video recordings. They shall provide their express consent for such photos and video recordings. Such consent shall also apply, without limitation, to private and/or commercial use (publication, distribution, use, editing and circulation) in digital format and print format by the photographers and/or any third parties. Such consent shall not be limited in terms of time or location and shall apply to all channels of distribution and publication. Participants shall hereby expressly waive any future exercising of rights to a prohibitory injunction against the aforementioned use of images of participants.
  10. The official competition start date shall be 05/12/2018 at 12:00 local time (GMT+4). The production stage shall commence following a short but mandatory briefing session and shall last exactly 100 hours, ending on 09/12/2018 at 14:00 local time. That shall be the final deadline for participants to submit their films.
  11. Each participant’s final submitted short film must not be less or more than 100 seconds (1 minute 40) long, excluding opening and closing credits.
  12. The judging panel alone shall decide on the winner of the main prize (the award). The judging panel shall be appointed solely by Filmemacher Deutschland ww GmbH. The judging panel shall be made up of experts, film makers, celebrities, YouTubers and representatives of the sponsors. The judging panel shall make its decision after viewing the films and holding a thorough discussion in the joint plenary session. The decision shall be made by means of a vote with a majority decision. The judging panel’s assessment and decision shall be final.
  13. Points shall be deducted as part of the judging panel’s internal points system if:
  • the film is more than 100 seconds long;
  • the film is not received on time by the deadline for submission, however no later than 10/12/2018 at 14:00 (local time Abu Dhabi);
  • the film doesn’t conform with the storyboard specifications set out in the casting stage;
  • the stated specifications are not well implemented.By contrast, participants shall be awarded points if:
  • the film proves particularly popular, by getting a lot of likes and views between 08/12/2018 and 10/12/2018 on a platform which shall be announced by such time;
  • the stated specifications are particularly well implemented.
  • Participants may enter up until 23:59 on 23/09/2018.

III. Prizes and notification of winners

  1. Should the Filmemacher Deutschland ww GmbH not receive an email from the winner within the given deadline, the claim to the prize shall lapse. In this case, the Filmemacher Deutschland ww GmbH is entitled to draw a substitute.
  2. Participation in the contest must be exclusively in person and is not transferable, nor can the cost of travel to Abu Dhabi be disbursed or exchanged.
  3. The cash prizes shall be handed over to the winners by wire transfer. The winner of the Filmemacher Deutschland ww GmbH contest shall submit his/her bank account details upon request. Payments in cash, cheques or any other form of bank transfer or exchange are not permitted.

IV. Granting of usage rights

  1. Participants shall guarantee that they hold the required rights to the uploaded films. If participants are not the sole author or right holder, they shall expressly declare that they have the rights required in order to take part in the competition.
  2. Participants shall grant us the following simple, irrevocable usage rights, which shall not be limited in terms of time or location, over the film material used by them:
  • the right to store the film on a (cloud) server or other data-storage formats;
  • the right to show the film or film content for commercial purposes to the public in full or in part via Facebook, Instagram, twitter, other social media and our websites (in particular https://www.facebook.com/filmemacherdeutschland/ and https://www.filmemacher-deutschland.de/); furthermore, [to show] the film in TV programmes, on other Internet sites (in Germany and abroad), with detailed or full publication of the film and/or photos (stills) of the film in a documentary catalogue and on the Internet, including public access in the full-text search, databases and with parts of the film in the course of PR work conducted by Filmemacher Deutschland ww GmbH.
  • the right to use the film to promote our platform;
  • the right to edit the film, as long as the film is not distorted;
  • the right to link it to and mix it with other recordings.


  1. When screening the film, the Filmemacher Deutschland ww GmbH shall identify the author insofar as possible, considering the specific manner in which the film is to be presented.
  2. All submitted films may be shown on TV, on the Internet and to some extent live as part of the closing event. They shall be published on online platforms once submitted and prior to the award ceremony.
  3. Upon accepting the prize, the winners consent that the Filmemacher Deutschland ww GmbH use their names, as well as their pseudonyms (when applicable) for advertising purposes.
  4. The granting of the usage rights and the right to extensively exercise them shall be provided free of charge.

V. Liability and release from liability

  1. When uploading films or otherwise publishing them as part of the competition, participants shall guarantee that they shall not transmit any content, the provision, publication or usage of which would breach applicable law or infringe the rights of third parties.
  2. Participants shall release us from any claims of any nature brought by third parties resulting from the illegal nature of film material used by participants. The obligation to release us shall also cover the obligation to release the organizer fully from any legal defence costs (e.g. legal costs and lawyers‘ fees).
  3. By taking part in the competition, participants shall release Facebook and Etihad Airways from any and all liability.

VI. Disqualification from the competition

  1. Any breach of these Terms and Conditions of Participation shall entitle us to disqualify the relevant participant from participating. That shall, in particular, apply if the participant provides false information or if the film material used or other content (e.g. comments) breaches applicable law or infringes the rights of third parties. The same shall apply to any comments which could be deemed to glorify violence, constitute harassment or be offensive or derogatory or otherwise violate social decency.
  2. In the event that the disqualified participant is a chosen winner, the prize may subsequently be withdrawn.

VII. Early termination and changes

  1. We reserve the right to terminate the competition early or change the procedure for the competition, in full or in part, at any time even without adhering to timeframes if it is impossible to guarantee proper execution of the competition on account of technical reasons (e.g. computer virus, manipulation of or defects in software/hardware) or legal reasons (e.g. prohibition by Facebook or Etihad Airways).

VIII. Data protection

  1. The Filmemacher Deutschland ww GmbH is responsible for the collection, processing and use of personal data of the participants, provided that this is processed by the Filmemacher himself. The collection and processing of personal data shall be performed according to the applicable data protection regulations, in particular the General Data Protection Regulation (GDPR). The Filmemacher Deutschland ww GmbH shall only use the personal data of the participants and other personal data within the framework of the legal provisions of data protection law. The Filmemacher Deutschland ww GmbH shall only store, process and use the information, insofar as this is needed for the fulfilment of the contest or with the participant’s consent. This also includes the use of authorisation to exploitation rights. The data shall be used exclusively for the fulfilment of the contest and subsequently deleted. The participant can request information on his/her stored personal data at any time. In all other respects, the privacy policy is applied: this can be found at www.falconlens-award.com

IX. Miscellaneous provisions

  1. In the event that the Terms and Conditions of Participation contain ineffective provisions, this shall not affect the effectiveness of the remainder of the provisions.
  2. German law shall apply. No legal action may be used to audit the prize draw.